HYPEX NCore NC1200 1200W Amplifier Module



New factory fresh NCore NC1200 , 1200Wx1 amplifier module with evaluation module for easy hookup. This module is designed to be powered by SMPS Power Supply which I have listed separately.   I also have the power supply and input cables listed separately. Full documentation is available on the Hypex.nl website.


The NC1200 amplifier module is an extremely high-quality audio power amplifier module which operates in Class D. Not only does it offer a way for audiophile music reproduction to continue in an even more energy-conscious world, its measured and sonic performance actually raises the bar for audio amplifiers of any description. Operation is based on a non-hysteresis 5th order self-scillating control loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.


  • High-end stereo and multichannel amps
  • High-end active loudspeakers for recording and mastering studios
  • High-end home theatre systems


  • Conservatively rated
  • Differential audio input
  • Up to +/-98V operation
  • 2 ohm capable
  • Extensive, microprocessor-controlled error protection


  • Extremely low distortion over frequency and power range
  • Extremely low output impedance
  • Extremely low noise
  • Extremely neutral and transparent


Technique Ncore
Power (2Ω) 1200W
Power (4Ω) 700W
Power (8Ω) 400W
Channels 1
HxR Ready On Board
Dimensions mm 130*79*42,8
SMPS Voltage +/- 84V
Recommended SMPS SMPS1200A700
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