Nypex NCore NC100HF Amplifier Module



New factory fresh NCore NC100HF, 100Wx1 amplifier module. This module is designed to be powered by an NCore Amp Module or SMPS Power Supply via a ribbon cable.  In this manner it can serve as the high frequency amplifier in a multi-way speaker system.   Full documentation is available on the Hypex.nl website.


The NC100HF is a dedicated tweeter-amplifier which fits the NCxxxMP series. It is a NCore amplifier that works with the NCxxxMP modules to create a second or third channel for the amplifier. It operates from the on-board SMPS of the NCxxxMP module and is compatible with the whole range. This makes it possible to build a complete NCore based system in a heartbeat.

By design, NCore has a full range frequency response and power bandwidth. However this module is
designed to be used for mid- and high frequencies only, i.e. starting at approximately 500Hz.


  • Monitor loudspeakers for
    recording and mastering
  • Audiophile power amplifiers
    for professional and
    consumer use.
  • Public address systems
  • Active loudspeakers


  • One channel amplifier
  • Advanced over current
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Low weight: 75g.
  • Compact: 85 x 39 x 27mm


  • High efficiency
  • Flat, fully load-independent
    frequency response
  • Low output impedance
  • Very low, frequencyindependent
  • Very low noise



Technique NCore
Power (2Ω) 100W
Power (4Ω) 100W
Power (8Ω) 100W
Channels 1
Weight 75g
Dimensions mm 85*39*27
Mains voltage input Works with NCxxxMP SMPS
Automatic input voltage selection Works with NCxxxMP SMPS
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