Telefunken THP-29 Headphone Black



NEW Telefunken THP-29 Headphones in BLACK
Developed in partnership with Direct Sound, the TELEFUNKEN THP-29 Extreme Isolation headphones are designed for use in both the studio and live sound environments. Ultra-fidelity, high input 40mm speaker drivers featuring High Precision Audio (HPA®) Tonal Accuracy are integrated with 29dB of eco-friendly natural passive isolation. The result is a headphone designed to protect your eardrums from damage and improve your recording, performing and listening experience.
Ideal for use by live mixers who need to block out monitor speakers, or by drummers who need to be able to hear the mix without setting their volume at an unreasonably high level, the THP-29 is a perfect professional tool. The closed back design, lightweight construction, adjustable head strap and padded ear cushions provide ultimate comfort during lengthy recording or listening sessions. The advanced isolation capabilities eliminate extra bleed in the recording studio while giving you an average of 29dB of noise reduction over a wide frequency range. They can even be used as critical mixing headphones during post-production.
For sound engineers to monitor the mixer board during live performances while isolating their ears from main speakers
For stage and studio drummers who want to hear how drums are being mixed without having headphones at high volume

Allows studio musicians to hear only the studio mix during recording – eliminating costly return trips to the control room
For stadium and dome events – listen to “live” broadcasts at medium volume and block out most stadium noise while watching the game
For Nascar scanners – by using an inexpensive stereo to mono plug, you can plug into your scanner and have the best isolation available to monitor the pit crews and driver
Red is Right™ E-Z Channel Identification
Universal padded, fully adjustable headband
Foldable for Storage
Convenient Stash Bag
Jack Adapter Keeper
Eco-Friendly Natural Passive Isolation – No Batteries Required
1 Year Warranty – Patent Pending