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VTV Amplifier Custom Input Buffer Hypex NC500 NC1200 NC2K Purifi



VTV Amplifier Custom Hypex Input Buffer made for the Hypex NC500, NC1200 and NC2K.   It also is an excellent choice for the Purifi-Audio 1ET400A and connects flawlessly to the module.

The stock input buffer for the Hypex amplifiers uses the very good 4562 IC.   Both the NC500 and NC1200 are designed so that the factory 4562 IC can be bypassed so that other input buffer options can be installed.  The NC2K being direct coupled can also benefit from an input buffer.
The VTV Amplifier custom input buffer board’s modular design allows any DIP8 dual discrete or API form factor discrete opamp of your choice to serve as input buffer
–Available high quality discrete Class A opamps in this listing are nothing short of jaw dropping.  They provide significant increase in detail and soundstage.  It is as if a veil is removed from the sound.  Class A warmth with no lack of detail.  You can research all of these industry standard opamps on various electronic forums.  The gold plated Mill-Max connectors make changing the API opamps very simple and the connections made are very secure.
—The factory gain for the Hypex buffer is 14db…..too high for many systems.   This board has a default gain of 7db.  You can restore the factory gain by simply adding a jumper.
–Careful selection of resistors and other components ensure the highest fidelity.
–Dimensions 84mm x 89mm
A buffer is only as good as its power supply. The VTV AMPLIFIER Input Buffer uses the SPARKOS SS78xx and SS79XX Discrete Voltage regulators.  This is a no-holds barred regulator found in many high-end brands and a huge improvement to the IC 7815 and 7915 installed by HYPEX.  Specs for these discrete regulators:
  • 125dB Input Rejection
  • 3uV RMS Noise @5Vo, 5.8uVRMS Noise @ 15Vo (20Hz – 20KHz)
  • Excellent Transient Response
  • < 2V Dropout Voltage
  • Stable With Ceramic And Low ESR Output Capacitors
  • 1 Amp Output Current (Internally Limited And Protected)
  • Fully Discrete Design – Right Down To The Error Amplifier
  • On – Board 10uF Tantalum Polymer Output Capacitor
  • Precision Thin Film 0.1% Tolerance Resistors
  • +/- 1.5% Output voltage accuracy
  • Available With Positive Or Negative Fixed Output Voltage Of 3.3V – 24V
  • Available In 3 Industry Standard Pin Outs
The VTV Amplifier Input Buffer for Hypex is a very cost effective way to improve your HYPEX system.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in